Bob Bank for 45!

Bob Bank for 45!

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BOB BANK for 45th Ward Alderman…

Bob Bank, Past president of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association (JPNA), helped lead the fight against the housing project at 5150 N. Northwest Highway “We can find better solutions for struggling families than warehousing them in a 100-unit building that’s surrounded by industrial properties, the expressway and railroad tracks.” (We are winning but THE FIGHT CONTINUES). So far, only a storage facility is being allowed to be built. 

Together with his wife, Monica raised their three children here in the 45th Ward.

I will support CPS schools, and I’ll fight to make sure every student can gain the skills they need for a successful career. I support an elected school board.

More investment in LOCAL high schools, expanded curriculum such as IB (International Baccalaureate) programs and IT (Internet Technology) classes and building trades/shop classes. Partnership with real businesses and unions, to prepare students for real careers that produce good wages.

Increased investment and oversight in City Colleges of Chicago. In an ever-changing economy, we need to have affordable access for ever-changing skill needs.

2 and 4-stories are the prevailing maximum height in most business districts, and I will NOT increase it. Say good-bye to the Alderman's secret Zoning Advisory Committee. All  future  zoning changes (and there will be very few ) be well publicized and held before the public.

I will demand a greater police presence in our ward.  We have nothing if we don't have safety and security.

And finally, TAXES!, TAXES!, TAXES!

ENOUGH!, ENOUGH!, ENOUGH! I will work with fellow city council members to rein in tax giveaways to downtown developers. I will scrutinize our city budgets and work to decrease the number of Tax Increment Finance districts (TIF). TIF districts siphon off property tax money that would otherwise go to schools, roads etc. Chicago homeowners cannot bear anymore tax increases. Vote for Bob Bank in the Feb. 26th 2019 Chicago Municipal Election


And in the business districts, I welcome new development that's built to a human scale. Commercial buildings, 2 to 4 stories in most shopping districts, slightly taller at Six-Corners.

"Protecting the character of established residential neighborhoods".


I started writing about zoning abuse back in 2004, and I launched the in 2005. I even came up with a cheat sheet, so residents could easily see how the number of units on a given lot greatly increased with each increase in the zoning designation number after the dash (-). Example, on a 10,000 square foot lot a  B3-1 designation allows 4 units, B3-1.5 allows 7 units, B3-2 allows 25 units, and B3-5 allows 50 units! 

A better idea for Six-Corners


Chicago's Downtown was revitalized by bringing living space to where only working space traditionally was. Let's bring hi-tech work space to where we already have a high density of living space in a neighborhood full of homes, townhomes, two-flats, apartment buildings and condos. NeueHouse did this at the old CBS Radio Studios building, which is a few miles west of downtown Los Angeles. Just like Sears at Six-Corners, the CBS building was an old 1930's designed building needing a new purpose. 

Learn more about NeueHouse L.A. and N.Y.

Our little piece of the big blue marble

The 45th Ward and the Northwest-side; it's one big eco-system

Living, working, playing or shopping on the Northwest-side, we cross neighborhood boundaries, school boundaries and even ward boundaries. We are all in this together. Whatever happens in one neighborhood of the ward has an effect on the other neighborhoods of the ward and beyond.

I have met a lot of people dedicated to making our lives better here in the 45th Ward. Neighborhood associations, chambers of commerce, parks, churches and schools all have dedicated volunteers trying to bring out the best for our communities.

Briefly about Bob

Bob Bank is the past president of the Jefferson Park Neighborhood Association (JPNA), and a member since its inception in 2001. Bob has been active as a scout leader, coach in youth sports and a founding member of the NorthWest Chicago Historical Society (NWCHS). Bob has written about zoning exploitation in , as well as various articles in the JPNA newsletter. Bob and his wife Monica were married in 1981, and have three grown children. Bob is a union member and has worked most of his career at AT&T.

The 45th Ward Debates, un-cut and un-edited!

PAID FOR BY Bob Bank for Alderman. 

A copy of our report filed with the IL State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board's official website   ( or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, IL



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